Evelyn & Alan


27th October 2022

Our Story

We were at seperate seminars in the one hotel and meet in the lunch line, after chatting for a few brief moment’s we exchanged phone numbers. We kept in touch, but due to exception circumstances it took us 10 months to finally go on a first date, and we have been stuck with other ever since.

The Proposal

Firstly I went to get permission from Evelyn’s older brother Jerry for her hand in marriage. Once I recieved that blessing, I contacted a ring maker in America and designed the engagement ring I knew Eve would love. 

Once I had that arranged I waited a few months and took Eve on a romantic weekend to a Castle in Cliffden, and gave her the impression a proposal was happening but it didn’t, this was to completely throw her off what was coming, and she aired her disappointment to her friends. So to keep her happy I gave her a christmas present of a certificate of star in her name. 

The following months after that I dropped hints that to see the star clearly and properly it would have to be done in Spain on a clear night in August. I also put in her head the beach were you see the star from get silver clam fish washed up on the shore, and I your lucky to fund one and open it there’s a pearl inside. So we went on holiday to Malaga, with Darragh, and a week later my mother and father and Trish followed us out. 

My mother had the ring with her that way Eve couldn’t accidentally see or find it during the week we were there. So we all went out for a meal and a drink and as it clear night on I said to Eve let’s go to the beach to find your Star. So at the beach when Eve was looking up to find her star, i placed a blanket in between 4 palm trees, under that blanket where I knew Eve was about to sit, I put a small Silver Calm jewellery box I got, and it had been filled previously by Darragh with shells which covered the ring. 

I was on one knee pretending to fix the blanket when Eve sat down, she got a shock and said there’s something under hear, so she pulled out the Silver Calm, I said look what you just found, open it and see it there’s a pearl inside. When she opened it and seen all the shell’s I told her to look through them, then she found the ring and look at me in with tears of joy with an enormous smile and asked is this what I think it is? I then asked her to marry me.

Wedding Ceremony & Reception

Finca La Tosca

Welcome to our celebration in sunny Malaga, Spain, 

Thursday 27th October 2022 – 1 PM


Finca La Tosca

Location : The venue is located in Churriana. To go direct to Finca La Tosca from Malaga city centre or Torremolinos / Benalmadena, will take around 15/20 mins by taxi.

Address: Camino Retiro, 2, 29140 Málaga

Smoked Salmon & Mango Salad with Avocado Tartar

Main Course
Crispy Canard Confit with Apple & Red Berries.
Truffle Potato Puree & Boletus

Lemon & Meringue Craquelin with Salted Caramel Ice Cream
Payoyo Cheese Mousse with Passion Fruit, Hibiscus Gel and Violet Ice Cream

Tea & Coffee

Wedding Menu:

Please advise of any dietary requirements below


Without all of our favourite people our big day wouldn’t be the same.

So we really hope you can make it to our wedding in sunny Spain!

Please reply by 1st June 2022

Helpful Information

Malaga & Costa del Sol

We recommend you travel to Malaga Airport AGP

As the capital city of the ever-popular Costa del Sol, Malaga is home to some of Spain’s most stunning coastline.

From its stunning port and beautiful old town, to its multitude of quirky galleries and tapas bars; it’s easy to see why it’s considered Andalusia’s leading cultural and historical hub. Let’s not forget the fact that it’s sunny almost all year round!

Benalmadena and Torremolinos are coastal towns and beach resorts located on the Costa del Sol in the Spanish Province of Málaga, both extremely popular with large numbers of visitors. You can take the train from Malaga airport.

The beach resorts of Benalmadena and Torremolinos are adjacent to each other, yet they have different feels. Benalmadena is more of an international resort with a highly touristy and vibrant marina area, as well as an uphill town center with many restaurants and bars. Torremolinos has an authentic local town and nice beaches with good year-round local nightlife. Closer to the Benalmadena limit, however, the Carihuela beach is very popular with international tourists.


The wedding venue is 15/20 minutes by car from Benalmadena and Torremolinos. There are many hotels and apartments in this area.  We reccommend you:

Timor Sol in Torremolinos, contact them directly or alternatively contact Sharon at info@navasol.com for BenalBeach, Benalmadena and mention your attending our wedding.

Transfer for guests from Torremolinos/Benalmadena to the wedding venue will be provided if needed.

We can't wait to celebrate with you

Your presence at our wedding is the only gift that we wish for.

Evelyn & Alan