Hannah & Sam


19th October 2023

About Us

Hopefully you all know more than a little bit about us, or we have made some major errors with our invites!!!

Our Story

After a couple of years of friendship and bonding over our love for yoga and adventure, we met up in a few countries, just missed each other as we traveled to similar places and then finally decided to make things official in the summer of 2021 on our road trip through the Outer Hebrides, Scotland in Tanya the Van. It was only 2 months later that Sam proposed in Lisbon!

Our Proposal

His Version

Hannah and Sam had been friends for a few years before deciding to take the next step somewhere in the Outer Hebrides in Scotland in the summer of 2021. It took all of two months after this for Sam to realize he was totally committed and wanted to ask Hannah to be his wife.

Hannah had been back in the states for a few weeks before they were set to meet in Lisbon. Sam arrived in Lisbon airport before Han. After a few medicinal beers to gather the Dutch courage and with a complete disregard for time difference he rang Hannah’s dad at 7am US time. After startling Mr. Michael and reassuring him that the untimely call didn’t mean something was wrong, Sam proceeded to ask for his daughters’ hand in marriage. Thankfully, Mike gave his blessing…

They spent 3 days in Lisbon before traveling down the coast. On the second day, which also happened to be Sam’s birthday, he decided to propose. Sam was more nervous than a chocolate fireguard on the day and by the time dinner came around he was a wreck. The restaurant was a disaster, and too bougie, completely not us. We laughed our way through dinner, at the absurdity of the place and Sam’s plans slowly fell by the wayside. After dinner, we crossed the street bought a 3-euro bottle of red and set out for a viewpoint of the city. We sat down with our cheap bottle of wine and took in the view.

This was much more of a relaxed vibe. It was at this point that Sam felt was the moment. We had a disposable camera with us, and he asked three teenage girls sitting on a different bench if they would mind taking a picture. After she took the picture for us Sam got on one knee! Lucky one of the girls who we had asked to take a picture happened to be an aspiring James Spielberg. Unprompted, she decided to take a beautiful video of the moment. After a few seconds of hysteria and no words (which felt like a lifetime) Hannah finally said yes!

The rest is history. We traveled down the coast, stayed in a treehouse, and wondered the coast for the next week before returning home as an engaged couple and embarking on the next chapter of our fun-filled journey.


Her Version

Sam and I met up in Lisbon after a beautiful summer together. It had been about 5 or 6 weeks since I left the UK to go back to the US. It was the first time we were apart as more than friends so we were excited to see each another! We had a great time the first day but then Sam was a bit quiet on his birthday. We still had fun and explored the city, but I remember thinking he was more quiet than usual. If you know anything about Sam, he’s not the quietest person in the group. This carried over into dinner which was hilarious and totally not somewhere we would’ve picked ourselves. We finished our meals, and gave each other a look like, let’s get out of here! Thankfully there was a bodega across the street. We grabbed some wine and laughed at how much we both didn’t enjoy the restaurant as we made our way up to a beautiful viewpoint that overlooked the city.

It was gorgeous as the city lights came on to compliment the colors of the sunset. We sat down on the benches with our wine, and I gave Sam his FUNNY card, to which he replied, “Let’s get a picture” …. I was like UHH ok dude that was funny. He half-laughed and again, brings up getting a picture. “I’m going to ask these girls to take a picture for us.” I said, “Ok, fine!” … Let’s take this picture you’re so persistent about.

I turned for a spilt second to face the city as we were standing at this overlook. As I turned back around Sam was on his knee! I have absolutely no idea what he said because I was nervous laughing and completely shocked. After a minute or two of Sam saying something, the only thing I heard was, “So, is that a yes??” YES, YES, YES! A million times, yes! We spent the rest of the evening calling family to share our happy news. I was completely not surprised to find out that my family already knew because Michael can’t keep a secret to save his life!!!

The rest of the week was like a dream in the Algarve. We stayed in a treehouse, drove along the coast trying new foods and finding hidden beaches to bask in the sun <3

Wedding Ceremony & Reception

Hacienda Las Mesas

Thursday 19th October 2023

At 3.30pm in beautiful Southern Spain, we’ll gather and say ‘I do!’.

Then we’ll feast and party the night away, so pack your dancing shoes!

– You should bring something warm for after sunset! It gets chillier!

– The ground is uneven at times, wear stiletto’s at your own risk!


Hacienda Las Mesas, Jerez de la Frontera, Andalucia

CA-4011 (Coordinadas 36.764197, -5.951995) Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz

Other Events

Recovery Party and BBQ

Friday 20th Friday

We’re not done yet! We would love you to come back to the Hacienda Las Mesas and carry on the celebrations with us. 

More information to follow.


Without all of our favourite people our big day wouldn’t be the same, 

so we really hope you can make it to our wedding in sunny Spain!

Please reply by 30th April 2023

Helpful Information

Jerez de la Frontera

Jerez de la Frontera is a charming city located in the heart of Andalucia close to the city of Cadiz on the Costa de la Luz.

Jerez de la Frontera’s municipal area is the largest in the province and lies on a central strip running from the mountains down through the countryside, practically reaching the coast. Part of the mountains belong to Los Alcornocales Natural Park.

The town, one of Andalusia’s most typical and considered to be the home of flamenco, boasts an endless list of tourist attractions, ranging from monuments such as the Alcázar, Iglesia de Santiago and San Miguel churches, the Catedral and the Cartuja Monastery, to singular institutions like the Real Escuela de Arte Ecuestre, where the marvellous Carthusian horses, a unique Spanish-Arabic breed, can be admired, or the cellars where the famous Jerez wines are produced.

Not forgetting the Circuito de Velocidad, where international motorcycling and motor racing competitions are staged

Transfer for Guests

The nearest airport to Jerez is Jerez Airport (XRY), 10 minutes driving to the city center. You can also flight to Sevilla Airport (SVQ), 1 hour drive; Gibraltar Airport (GIB) , 1h15 and Malaga Airport (AGP) 2h30.

We would advise you to stay in Jerez Town as this is where all the events will be occurring.

There is a railway station in Jerez, which links the city to both Cadiz (on the sea side) and Sevilla (on the north).

On the day of the wedding, transport will be provided from Jerez to the wedding venue.

We will be arranging transport to and from Jerez to the Venue on the day of the wedding and for the recovery party. It is also possible for you to stay in Cadiz if preferred however you would need to make your way to Jerez for the transfers (20 min taxi). If you prefer to drive to the venue parking is available. Taxis are also available in the area if you prefer to stay in an airbnb elsewhere. The host of the Villa’s brother conveniently runs a taxi firm so arranging personalised transport for you shouldn’t be a problem.


We recommend that you stay in Jerez. We have put a few hotel options below that we recommend, although there are great deals to be had on AirBnB.

It is also possible for you to stay in Cadiz if preferred (You would just need to make your own way to Jerez for the transfers (25min taxi).


TBD: Options will be confirmed in July once we have returned from Africa and been back to Spain to make a decision


Your presence at our wedding is all that we wish for. Having you a part of our special day means the world to us. However, if you would like to give us a gift, we would be grateful for a contribution towards our honeymoon.

We can’t wait to celebrate with you

Hannah & Sam