Eco-Friendly Destination Wedding

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An increasing number of couples are looking at ways of having an eco destination wedding or adopting a few eco-friendly ideas to make their wedding day that bit more sustainable. Planning a green wedding in Spain doesn’t necessarily have to be harder than planning a less environmentally friendly event. At My Natural Wedding, we can […]

How to plan a Wedding Abroad?

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There’s nothing quite like a destination wedding; guaranteed good weather, a holiday with all your nearest and dearest and absolutely amazing wedding photos! Once you’ve decided you would like to get married overseas, the next step is figuring out how to plan a destination wedding miles away from home. Throwing a destination wedding means you’re […]

Dare to Dream. Intimate Wedding in South Spain

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Every dream begins with an impulse, a whisper, a leap into the void. It walks insecure, defiant and with an acrobat’s step. With the force of a delirium, a wakefulness and a thousand things to tell. We have the right to dream. Will you marry me? Dare to Dream There are many perks to having […]

Elopement and Micro Weddings Abroad

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COVID19 has changed our world in more ways than one, including the wedding industry.  Along with the added face masks and extra measures to keep everyone healthy and safe, comes a shift of big, traditional weddings to more intimate elopements and micro weddings. You’re probably thinking, What is an elopement? What is a micro-wedding? Is […]

Costs of a wedding in Southern Spain

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We often get asked about the costs of a wedding in Southern Spain, however, it’s difficult to say how much you are going to spend, as the final figure will depend on the couples wishes.  Just like having a wedding at home, there are many variables: the venue, the number of guests attending, the supplies […]

Can I legally Get Married in Spain?

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It is only possible to legally marry in Spain if you are either Catholic and wish to marry in a Catholic Church or if you are legally registered as living in Spain and can then have a civil ceremony in your local town hall or occasionally in another venue conducted by the Town Mayor.  There […]